Babatunde 2014 Look Book

Posted on June 12, 2014 by Mpumelelo Mfula


Hello from Africa! this time we’re saying hello from the streets and back alleys of Ghana and Benin – in the heart of Africa. We’ve sourced materials and prints that have the energy, dignity and playfulness of the people who made them. each ream of material is like gold and they demanded new and interesting shapes to be applied too.

Ever since we started BABAtunde (Jozi 2009)
what’s set us apart is the quality of our sourced material harmonised with right contemporary shape. it’s why we exist, to express our love for Africa in something the whole world can appreciate.

We are original because Africa is original,
we just translate it into a language the modern world can understand and enjoy. We believe Africa is worth protecting – we do it by celebrating what’s beautiful about it. We stand for strong family values and all that is truly African. 'Respect yourself and those around you and make decisions that benefit Africa'.

each of our accessories is handmade in South Africa. our attention to detail on each piece, combined with the natural originality of each cut of material, creates a truly standout look. A look that’s being adopted by celebrities and people around the globe.






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