RHTC Playground at StrCrd 2013

Posted on June 12, 2014 by Mpumelelo Mfula | 0 Comments


We have had one of the best moments of our young creative careers in the last few months as we have had opportunities to conceptually showcase not only our creations but the culture that accompanies them, we have thus decided to take you through all of our concepts starting with this post.

One of our finest moments this year was at StrCrd13 where we created a concept playground at our stall. The PlayGround concept was based on our position as a new vibrant group in  these streets, a group that seeks to make new friends and where better to do so but at a playground. The day was better than we had anticipated as we made the koolest friends from across the seas, provinces, hoods and they were kind enough to share their candy with us.


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