Return-Create concept at SAY showcase

Posted on June 13, 2014 by Mpumelelo Mfula | 0 Comments


South African Youth showcase (SAY showcase) hosted by Instant Grass consumer collaboration company gave us another opportunity to conceptually tell the RHTC story, we decided to seize the opportunity by RETURNING to our primary inspirations to explain our CREATIONS.

We approached this exhibition as an opportunity to pay homage to characters and events that have played a recognisable influence in the direction of our designs and spirit. The clothing pieces from all four brands were hung up the wall just as art pieces would at most exhibitions, the old school photo albums consisted of photos of our inspiration and our creations, thus acting as old school influenced lookbuk that relates the past (Return) and the now (Creation).



RHTC at SAY showcase from RHTC Online Store on Vimeo.


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