Hallu-ci chronicles

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Hallu-ci chronicles concisely the story of Frank Nzima Lin; a 20 year old South African Youth of Zulu Father and a Korean mother. We follow his interactions online as the URL visor through which he discovers, defines and conceals himself in the process of  breaking down.

While Frank struggles with an inherited cultural dichotomy, a similar dichotomy extends itself to the majority of youth and addresses a typical experiences of contemporary youth in the age of the internet. Online culture is rapidly changing faster than ever before, resulting in a constant flux of self knowledge through art, music and fashion all practiced on the online space. The internet internet can no longer be understood as an escape from reality but rather reality imagined.
The short film is a preview into the latest Kreativebeings Babel summer fashion range. The kreativeBeings duo reveal and translate their understanding of URL culture impulse through their Babel offerings. We get a sneak peek into their spring/summer Babel range with the khaki asylum jacket featured in this short film.


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