RHTC x Mandisi Lean carriage

Posted on April 22, 2015 by Mpumelelo Mfula | 0 Comments

Those who have recently had the pleasure of having their RHTC package personally delivered to them can testify to the swagged up carriage that the RHTC bicycle moves around with. With all that heat we deliver, we just had to hit up our good friend Mandisi Lean to design a carriage that would translate the idea of all of us PLAYING OUTSIDE. 
"the idea was to use the container as a five dimensional canvas and then create a world  around the theme LETS PLAY OUTSIDE.
the hand with the eye in the center is a symbol that is generally used in religion an icon of teaching, protection and experience... I used this symbol to show that the doing hand is the owner of the true experience or that when on actually undergoes an experience the in going through that gain the teaching that is far great (Playing is learning). The top dimension (the 5th dimension) of the container looks at playing and learning from a more spiritual perspective.
The other four dimensions of the container depict a person being fully enveloped by the rays of the orange luminescent light of of the African sun. This is symbolic of the physical nature of the fourth dimensional experience and the intense vibrations generated from playing and being creative"
Mandisi Lean.  
If you would like us to deliver your RHTC order or purchase within Jo'burg city or at or around the listed spots on the RHTC P.L.A.Y map, contact us on the following places :
- Whatsapp ( Smodel Ayoba ) - 083 351 1061
- eMail ( RHTC Orders ) - swaggup@rhtcstore.com 

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