Letsplayoutside concept stall

Posted on December 08, 2015 by Mpumelelo Mfula | 0 Comments

By now you should be familiar that we pretty much play outside for a living, this time around we collaborated with our homies from The Playground and their the head designer, Computa.

The brief was simple, we just wanted to build something that we would have fun building and breaking it down, the results became this a playground made from plywood and copper pipes which could be build like a puzzle within 20 minutes and broken down within 5 minutes. The Letsplayoutside concept stall is made up of a 8 part puzzle like frame made from plywood that is complimented by 13 smaller wood and copper furnisher pieces that can positioned at various spots around the main frame according to personal preference, so we pretty much build a giant puzzle that can display RHTC products. 

This stall will be experienced this December when we pop up at various townships and city spots in Gauteng before we announce the next exciting project it will be used for.


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