Masihambisane back pack visual story with Kay Seretlo - EP 1

Posted on June 08, 2017 by Mpumelelo Mfula | 0 Comments

It starts when you don’t just see a backpack as just a backpack I opened my eye with the Masihambisane backpack simply defined quality, innovativeness and functionality.
The hidden eye of a backpack that no one really sees. Let me break it down, you have your backpack, you in the streets looking all cool, you pass a couple of guys only to find that one of them is actually fascinated by the bag you carrying, so here he is pointing directly at the piece. And starts having a conversation with his friends about how proper the bag looks. Now tell me this, did the bag see that interaction or you? Remember 'The eye of a backpack.
After a long day of travelling I guess I could also say exploring, the bag is officially abandoned for the rest of the day but wait and think about it the backpack is also having a goodnight sleep just to wake up to the same sunrise as you tomorrow morning so what does this say about the backpack?


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